Zimmermann & de Perrot

This Swiss pair is pretty extraordinary, refreshing from the perspective of both dance and theatre. Having just read about them, a quick search on YouTube turned up some interesting results. The above video utilizes the audio sampling of a moment, incorporating a dance move into a loop which fades away as the soundtrack transforms on the spot by the live DJ on the side of the stage (which is actually shifting and tilting along with some of the furniture on it). Zimmermann and de Perrot seem to be reconfiguring the utility of props and the function of a stage.

“Gaff Aff” is happening in New York right now, the first time these guys have brought one of their shows to the States. A two-man show, this production emphasizes the artistic potential inherent in the everyday, using basic materials to create what looks to be a magical dance, humorous as much as it is poetic.


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