Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame

In a tremendously awful-looking Frank Gehry structure stationed in the tourist hub of Seattle, WA exists the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame. Actually, it’s more of a smaller part of what is called the Experience Music Project, a sort of rock-n-roll hall of fame with the largest collection of Jimi Hendrix memorabilia.

The Science Fiction Museum, an addition to the EMP replacing “a motion platform ride featuring funk music”, showcases a few different sections focused around major themes in science fiction. While originally excited about a public museum of science fiction (one of only two in the world), all evidence thus far points to this place being pretty underwhelming, not to mention there is a fifteen-dollar admission fee. We could probably blame Paul Allen for that.

However, the online list of categorized science fiction work is totally worth checking out.

Maybe my dollars would be better spent getting weirded out at the new Scientology chruch on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Yes. This place is real.


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