Buzz Aldrin

The transformation of Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin into an appendage of pop culture serves as an example of one phenomena leading to another. After presumably walking on the moon close to his fortieth year, four decades later Aldrin can be found on national television doing the “cha cha” for a competitive dancing program. One might think he may be resting a little much on his laurels; however, Aldrin’s appearance on 30 Rock proved to be nothing short of amazing. As one of NASA’s finest, Aldrin yells at the moon in the daytime sky, “I see you! I see what you’re doing! Return to the night! You’ve no business here!” He proceeds to then invite Liz Lemon to “yell at the moon” with him, saying, “I own you! I walked on your face.” All sensationalism of space travel aside,  it’s very interesting to understand how media adopts and embraces a man who has left the earths atmosphere to return as a dancing, comedic guest star.

and if you don’t know…


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