Operation Twin Oceans and the Narco Submarine

Recently got excited about the narco-submarine after reading about Operation Twin Oceans, a huge drug bust a few years ago of rather large proportions:

“May 17, 2006: Three islands, $70 million in assets and 52 tons of cocaine were seized by the DEA as part of Operation Twin Oceans. Brazil, Colombia and Panama joined the U.S. in the operation which also resulted in over 100 arrests including one of the most-wanted drug kingpins in the world.”

This is what 744 kilos of Columbian cocaine looks like:

This is the semi-submersible submarine seized in the operation.

VBS.TV did a fairly informative five-part documentary worth watching, especially part four when they start discussing the torpedo.

From wikipedia:

“Instead of a full featured self propelled ship, a “torpedo” style cargo container is used with a ballast tank (submersion control) to keep it at about 30 m (98 ft) under water while being towed by a regular fishing boat. If a patrol ship is spotted, the “torpedo” cargo container is released. While still submerged, it automatically releases one buoy concealed as a wooden log and equipped with a location transmitter system for a second support fishing vessel to retrieve it and continue the cocaine delivery. None of these boats do anything suspicious that could reveal their drug smuggling activity.”

My limited amount of research also led me to the fairly recent media attention garnered by the discovery of a fully-submersible submarine. Drug traffickers are smart.

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