Further evidence of police misconduct during Eris Parade in New Orleans.

The above video clearly illustrates misconduct by the NOPD during the Eris Parade this past Sunday.

A cameraman is pepper-sprayed directly in the face, as is a young man who is communicating to an officer, “I’m trying to make sure my friend is ok.”

A police officer sprays liberally into a crowd of costumed paraders. Again, paraders. Not protesters.

Additionally, bad has been turning into worse in the DIY community with the forced closure of The Iron Rail and Plan B, two established non-profits sharing a building in the Marigny. The Iron Rail, a resource center focused on printed media, and Plan B, a bicycle co-operative, are both important assets to  the city and contribute significantly to the vibrancy as well as to the vitality of New Orleans. More than just mere coincidence, the closing of these cultural establishments appears to be a direct attack on the community organizations and it’s members believed to be affiliated with the events at the Eris Parade.

One response to “Further evidence of police misconduct during Eris Parade in New Orleans.

  1. I am fascinated by our own culture. Here in the US we teach our youth to honor and respect public servants like paramedics, fire fighters, doctors, judges, police officers.

    But here as as a jaded, by awakened adult I see the fallacy we so hum dumly drill into impressionable youth.

    All of those mentioned are human, and with human comes error and bad decisions.

    add the power of using a weapon over another human being you create absolute power over the crowd, and absolute power corrupts.

    As we have seen.

    That officer was out of line and needlessly injured those people with chemical burns!

    Have been in the military, and the medical field, I can tell you with educated authority: THAT SHIT BURNS, and the more you rub the worse it gets.

    Those officers caused unnecessary medial harm to a group of slow moving dragged, drunken rabble armed with a little more than sequins, a wig and a camera.

    When has t become sociably acceptable for those who are supposed to ‘serve and protect’ to take unlicensed abuses upon it’s charges?

    Thanks for sharing the video.

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