Monthly Archives: July 2011

ideas for mountains.

nature’s eminence hollowed  out for storage; internal infrastructure for human tenancy; color coordinated mountainsides through controlled plantings; glass walls installed over the ends of the  Gotthard Base Tunnel to create a giant diorama;  boring machines utilized to create a network of slides traversing interior space;  retrofitted snow machines dispersing aerodynamic origami for special occasions; Garuda-esque hanggliders guarding over hidden bird sanctuaries; stations for the screening of celestial events positioned at various points of extreme geography; summit communities cultivating greater lung capacity though improved cartilaginous passageways; virtual-reality treeforts; vast cast systems modified into camera obscuras projecting speleothems; forests of bipyramidal crystalline prisms; perpetual motion rope swings activating bioluminescent clusters of insects and fungi through travel; aerial canoes traversing the treeline through a network of ropes and pulleys made of vines and discarded carapaces; manmade mounds as time capsules for objects of ritual invention; acoustic arboretums; improvised symphonies specifically trained to produce sonoluminescence; 1:8 scale models of the 20th century’s great megalopolises placed at the bottom of  large bodies of water.

Too Hot To Blog

Who shut off the internet?

Oh wait, we weren’t paying for the internet.

Send money to my neighbor so I can have the internet again.