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Do Android Hunters Dream of Custom Robotic Wildlife?

“Of course, some of their animals consisted of electronic circuitry fakes, too; he had of course never nosed into the matter, any more than they, his neighbors, had pried into the real workings of his sheep. Nothing could be more impolite. To say, ‘Is your sheep genuine?’ would be a worse breach of manners than to inquire whether a citizen’s teeth, hair, or internal organs would test out authentic.”


Reading Philip K. Dicks “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep“, the novel “Bladerunner” is loosely based off of, I was brought back to an article I read in Wired about electronic animals being manufactured by Custom Robotic Wildlife. The electronic workings of these robotic, remote-controlled robots are covered in  the hide of various animals, the product line including bears, foxes, and deer, “combining technology, creativity and the art of taxidermy”. With multiple purposes ranging from decoys to catch illegal hunters to creepy mall displays, these android animals come across as strikingly life-like.

Probably the perfect wildlife accessory to go with your Real Doll.